About Us

We are specialized in Pressure die-casting (PDC), Gravity die-casting (GDC) and Sand casting manufacturing techniques. Established in 1997 we started with 1 PDC machine with output of 50 metric tons per annum, today we have 8 PDC machine, 2 GDC machines and 1 Hot chamber machine with output of 1000 metric tons per annum. Our turn-over grew from 4 million to 120 million in the following years of establishment.
We have PDC machines ranging from 80 tons to 400 tons. We have trimming facilities like mechanical & pneumatic press. We also have precision tool room, die design CADD center. Secondary operations like vibro finish, fettling, grinding, drilling & tapping machines are also in-plant. We provide our customers with attractive finish of castings using shot-blasting and CNC machines.
We have CCTV facility, which keeps our plant and other departments updated to our head-quarter.
We are an ISO 9001-2008 certified company and also follow SIX SIGMA quality standards in our manufacturing process.
We contribute to environment by changing our initial oil fired furnaces into electric/gas fired furnaces, thereby decreasing the amount of pollution, heat, losses, health hazard and increasing human and plant efficiency.